Sabtang Island, Batanes

Sabtang Island, Batanes

On our third day in Batanes, we woke up early and got ready for our Sabtang island tour. Sabtang is an island municipality across Batan and is a 45-minute falowa (banca without outriggers) ride away from the port of Ivana. In 1994, Sabtang has been chosen by the Philippine Department of Tourism as one of the 12 best destinations in the country.

Another couple, Elsie and Mark, whom we met at the airport and also stayed in Batanes Resort, have decided to join us on our trip. Nice. (This means we can save a few bucks on the island tour.) We left the resort at around 6.15 a.m. then took a tricycle and headed to the port of Ivana. As we arrived, we found out that the falowa was ready to leave and was just waiting for us. We hurriedly jumped inside the boat, wore our life vests and headed to Sabtang island.

The falowa ride to Sabtang can get really quite rough but our 45-minute ride was smooth, comfortable and was very fast. The winds were light. The sea was calm. The sun was out. The weather was just perfect for our whole day tour.

Unlike Batan, Sabtang is less populated and it is the only town in Batanes that has preserved the traditional Ivatan stone houses. It is subdivided into six (6) villages or barangays which includes Chavayan, Malakdang, Nakanmuan, Savidug, Sinakan and Sumnanga.

Arc at San Vicente Port San Vicente Port Falowas at San Vicente Port

As we reached the port of San Vicente, we were greeted by the arch on the island and we’re also lucky to have been welcomed by the town’s mayor. While our tour guide, Kuya Nards, was looking for a jeep to be rented, we started to walk around the place.

Sabtang Lighthouse

Sabtang Lighthouse Sabtang Lighthouse Sabtang Lighthouse

This is one of the many structures that can be found with in the island. It is located on top of a rocky hill in Sabtang and can be seen from the port of San Vicente.

San Vicente Ferrer Church

San Vicente Ferrer Church A Brief History of San Vicente Ferrer Church The jeep that we rented

This is one of the first tourist attractions that you will see in Sabtang. It was patterned after the church in Basco and was built of espadaña-style facade by the Dominican missionaries in 1844. The church was located near the municipal hall and the elementary school, which can be found on the north-eastern part of the island called “Centro.”

After walking around the area, we went back to the port to have our breakfast at Pananayan Canteen which was owned by Pedro “Pending” Elesterio. After eating, we began with our tour. We hired a jeep for Php 1,500 that drove us around the island.

Bario Savidug

Stone Houses at Bario Savidug Savidug Church Al and Icey inside a stone house in Savidug
Ivatan in Bario Savidug Savidug Barrio School Ivatan kid in Bario Savidug

This small town is one of the traditional villages in Sabtang and is considered to be one of the unique attractions in the island. It comprises a long row of centuries-old lime and stone houses with roofs made of cogon grasses. These traditional stone houses are built and designed to withstand the battering of typhoons.

Lime Beach

Lime Beach Kuya Nards showing some lime found on the beach Lime

On our way Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio, we stopped by a beach known as the “Lime Beach.” This is the beach where the Ivatans make the lime that they use to bind stones together when building stone houses.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

Just across the road, Kuya Nards pointed out the mountain ranges which resemble the profile of a sleeping woman when viewed from afar.

Savidug Idjang

Savidug Idjang

Fronting the “Sleeping Beauty” lies the pre-Hispanic ruin of an Idjang (stone fortress.) This hilltop fortress served as a refuge and settlement for the ancient Ivatans during tribal conflicts.

Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio

Arc at Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio View
Me and Icey on top of a rock at Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio Careful Beach at Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio

This is one of the best places in Sabtang. You need to trek around the hills and the mountains for you to have a better panoramic view of the coasts of Sabtang. The view of the beach located just below the mountain was a perfect and stunning view. You should, however, be very careful when climbing the hills since the winds here can be very, very strong.

Chavayan Village

Welcome to Chavayan Stones Houses in Chavayan Ivatan Stone Houses at Chavayan
Stone House Windows An Ivatan kid by the window Ivatan kid in Chavayan
Chavayan Church Vakul shop in Chavayan An Ivatan woman wearing a vakul

Visiting the town of Chavayan is another highlight of the tour. This beautiful town has been known for its preservation and protection. Chavayan is also renowned as a center for vakul weaving. “Vakul” is a headgear made out of Philippine Date Palm or Voyavoy leaves which is used to protect the Ivatans from rain, wind and sun. Vakuls are worn by women whereas the “Talugongs” are worn by Ivatan men.

After these, we went back to San Vicente port to have our lunch at Pananayan Canteen. The foods they served for the price of Php 250 per head were delectable and mouth-watering: turmeric rice (yellow rice,) “tatus” or coconut crabs, lobsters, Spanish mackerel and veggies served with fresh buko juice.

I apologize that I forgot to take some pictures of the food that was served. I had been very excited that I ate them right away.

Nakabuang Beach and Arc

This way to Nakabuang Beach Sand at Nakabuang Beach Nakabuang Beach
The Famous Nakabuang Arc Nakabuang Beach Nakabuang Arc - Upclose
Nakabuang Beach and Arc Rock formations at Nakabuang Beach Nakabuang Beach

Our last stop on the island was the Nakabuang Beach also known as the “White Beach.” This beach is famous for its natural rock arc formation. We didn’t have enough time to swim so we just took some pictures of the breath taking sceneries along the beach.

It was already drizzling when we left the beach. The sky gradually turned dark then the wind started to blow harder. It’s as if a typhoon is coming.

We headed to San Vicente port to catch the boat back to Batan. Unfortunately, the boatmen told us that they won’t be sailing since the weather is not good and that the waves are already getting bigger. Elsie and Mark got worried since their flight bound to Manila would be on the next day. They decided to hire the falowa for the price of Php 1,500 (which were then divided among the five of us.) The boatmen, after so much of conversation and negotiation made, finally agreed.

Falowa View of Batan Island Huge Wave
Big Splash Another Huge Wave Port of Ivana

We left San Vicente port past 3 p.m. and the short crossing from Sabtang to Batan had been very rough. Our boat was hitting waves and slamming us back down into the water. For more than an hour, we were being slammed around by huge rolling waves. One moment, we can see Batan island, one moment, it’s gone since it has been covered by 10 to 15-foot high waves. I was enjoying the whole ride but at the same time, I was screaming, screaming so hard while Icey was busy laughing at me. In the middle of our ride, our friend, Al, felt dizzy and even “fed the fishes” with his lunch. As we approached Ivana port, the sea became calm but the sky remained dark. We were all dripping wet when we docked at the port around 5 p.m.

We took a jeep ride on our way back to Batanes Resort and then capped off a great day. All in all, our whole experience was fantastic and was really worth all the hassle.

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32 responses to “Sabtang Island, Batanes

  1. comment-35

    Was also in Sabtang last year. Kahit ako, hindi ko rin kinaya yung boat ride at yung alon on our way to the island. Sobrang nakakahilo at nakakatakot. 🙁

  2. comment-864

    sobrang nakakatakot po ba pumunta dito? me vest naman provided diba? nag dadalawang isip kasi ako baka delikado. ok ba magpunta dito ng january? thanks…

  3. comment-865
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Jen,

    Nakakatakot pero exciting. Yup, may vest naman na provided yung mga bangkero. Wag kang magdalawang isip, kasi super worth it naman yung mga makikita mo pag dating mo dun. 😀

  4. comment-979
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Lois, we didn’t rent the whole banka on our way to Sabtang. But we rented it on our way back to Batan Island. As I remember, we paid P1,500 for it (one way.) 🙂

  5. comment-996

    hi wayne! sa pagkakaalm q e, 50(not sure qng tumaas na) per passenger..

    panu ung sbi mung ni-rent?.. as in kau lng nung mga ksma mo?.. or.. ksma mga ‘ordinary’ passenger? 😀 😀 😀

  6. comment-997

    hi ulit wayne!

    agree aq s sbi mu..

    asteeg tlga sa batanes..(although,mejo nabobore n aq..since 12 years n aq dun) 😀 😀

  7. comment-998
    Wayne Post author

    Aira: Actually, hindi na kasi dapat babalik ng Batan yung banka nun, pero pinilit namin then nirentahan namin yung buong banka for P1,500. Dapat kami lang talaga yung pasahero at that time, pero pinasabay na rin namin yung ibang taga doon na papunta rin daw ng Batan. Ewan ko lang kung siningil pa sila nung mga bangkero. Hehehe! 😀

  8. comment-1000

    wayne– gnun ba?..

    kala q kau kau lng..

    dapat e, nd muna kau pumunta sa batan..

    sa sabtang muna sana kau a..

    mas mganda dun!..




    😀 😀 😀

  9. comment-1003
    Wayne Post author

    Aira: Hehehe, gusto sana namin. Kaso yung dalawang kasabay namin nun sa Sabtang tour eh flight na nila kinabukasan so kelangan nilang makabalik ng Batan. Then ok na rin kasi the next day, biglang bumagyo ng sobrang lakas. Hehehehe! So kung hindi kami nakabalik ng Batan that day, malamang ma-i-istranded kami ng matagal sa Sabtang nun. 😀

  10. comment-1048

    Hi wayne,
    Is a 5D, 4N trip to batanes not enough to tour all the places you’ve visited?
    You stayed there for one week right?
    Im planning to go on my birthday which will be on Aug 1.
    Will the end of July to first week of Aug be a perfect timing to go there or is it stormy days na?
    Hope you can give me some tips!

  11. comment-1055
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Je,

    I think a 5-day trip to Batanes is okay. Wag lang sanang sisirain ng bagyo yung itinerary nyo. Hehehe!

    As far as I know, rainy season na ata yun. Pero syempre minsan kahit naman rainy season eh may times naman na mainit or the other way around na kahit summer eh may times rin naman na umuulan. Kaya we suggest na habaan yung stay sa Batanes kasi di mo masasabe kung kelan babagyo.

    Sabi nung guide namin, Feb yata yung best time to visit Batanes kasi malamig na and at the same time dry pa yung place. 😀

  12. comment-1071

    helo po… ask ko lang kung magkano naging expenses nyo sa batanes. airfare, hotel, food and tour expenses. thanks po!:)

  13. comment-1083
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Ayn,

    Around 75k yata yung nagastos namin nun. Kasama na yung airfare dyan. Good for 3 pax then 6days/5nights kami noon don. But that was last Sept 2008 pa po. 🙂

  14. comment-1113

    @aira – cgeh po mga minsan.. hehehe,,
    taga-sabtang ka po ba? my kakilala kc ko na taga-dun… 😀

  15. comment-1128

    Hello po…

    Gusto ko lang po sana magtanung regarding sa Sabtang island or any of the Batanes islands medyo kakaiba ito kasi related ito sa pagkalubog ng barko at nakasama ang father ko doon…that was last January 16, 2008…at until now..naniniwala at umaasa pa rin ako na nakaligtas sya…the ship sunk along Balintang channel…at hanggang ngayun nasa isip ko talaga na pumunta sa at isa isahin ang Batanes islands para magbakasakali na mahanap ko ang father ko or any reports man lang regarding sa insidenteng yun…gusto ko lang malaman kung may mga insidente bang may nakikita na remains na nasa dalampasigan?…or totoo ba na shark infested ang lugar at may possibility na di na makita dahil kinain na ng shark…I hope hindi nyo po masamain ang mga tanung ko…gusto ko po talagang pumunta sa Batanes para sa pakay lang na ito…Thank you so much…

  16. comment-1144

    we’ve been to Sabtang just recently, thanks God we had s very smooth ride going there, but still quite nervous because that’s our first Falowa ride. super ganda ng place… we also met and had a chat with Mayor Max outside tourism office while waiting for our vehicle. Our trip was pretty special since we come to get pictures with Sec. Butch Abad of DBM and the Sec. of Tourism on some place as they are also visiting the place. I personally like the Sleeping Lady in the mountain (stunning) and the Chamantad Tinyan Sito (extremely hot when we stop at this place but nevertheless took pictures and climb the hills) and the Arc at Nakabuang beach. We also saw a cave at the other side of the beach, stayed there for a while and enjoyed the fresh air and splashing water. Our trip back to Batan was also ok, unlike your trip back. but we had the feel of Batanes waves from Itbayat to Batan, scarry!!! no one sleeps except for some locals saying that was the normal trip… wooohhh.. 😎

  17. comment-1219
    toni protacio

    nice blog of Batanes, in general… we were there for 10 days this April..we also experienced what you have experienced in Sabtang.. the weather was so unpredictable. one minute it’s ok then after a few minutes there’s waves all over.. but that’s the beauty of it.. nice views, good people & rough seas… i’ll be back next year & the year after & the next…

  18. comment-1298
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    Welcome to Batanes…

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