Diving at Marissa Reef in Samal Island, Davao

Diving at Marissa Reef in Samal Island, Davao

Davao is well blessed with over 23 dive sites in Samal Island alone and is truly a haven for scuba divers and underwater photographers. So as part of our planned activities in Davao last February 2008, my friends and I decided to go diving in one of the many available dive sites in Samal Island, the Marissa Reef.

Marissa Reef is approximately a 30 to 45-minute boat ride from Sta. Ana Wharf Davao and is situated at the southeast side of Samal Island near the Pearl Farm Beach Resort. It was named after the person who started the underwater photography in the island, Marissa Florendo, who also happened to be the daughter of the discoverer.

Clownfishes around the anemone

The site is a formation of shallow reefs in three (3) dive spots commonly known as the Marissa 1, 2 and 3. It is very much ideal for beginners since one can enjoy the fascinating view of its rich coral reefs, fishes of different varieties and its rich marine life from 20 to 30 feet above the shoreline. From below, Marissa Reef looks like an underwater mountain which drops to over a hundred feet before one reaches the ocean floor.

When we arrived at Sta. Ana Wharf, our group was led to the office of Wind and Wave Davao (the first and only certified PADI Dive Centre in Southern Philippines) where we were asked to answer a questionnaire concerning our health conditions and then signed a waiver. The souvenir T-shirts were also given to us before we headed to the boat which will take us to the dive spot. And by the way, scuba diver’s license is not required in the introductory diving package.

Sta. Ana Wharf - Davao Our group inside the office of Wind and Wave Davao Wind and Wave Davao - Souvenir T-Shirt

As we reached the dive site, our dive master briefed us, basically about the dive site, dive gears and equipments, diving techniques and diving hand signals. Everyone in our group was so excited but at the same time very nervous and scared. There were nine of (9) of us that time and there were only three (3) dive masters available so we have to dive in three (3) batches.

Welcome Note Wind and Wave Davao - Dive Master Oxygen Tanks
Mimi's Turn Mimi - Getting ready to dive Mimi Diving

Getting into the water wasn’t really that easy. Some of us even had a hard time going underneath but as we gradually go deeper and deeper, the beautiful and relaxing view at the bottom of the ocean gets more and more stunning. There were beautiful coral formations, different types of fishes, sea urchins, sea grasses and a whole lot more. You will truly enjoy the peaceful and relaxing feeling underneath that you would not even notice that your 45-minute dive is over.

Wayne - Getting ready to dive Wayne Diving EG and Len
Starfishes at Marissa Reef 1 Sea Urchin at Marissa Reef 1 Clownfishes at Marissa Reef 1
Corals at Marissa Reef 1 Corals at Marissa Reef 1 Corals at Marissa Reef 1

After exploring the depths of the underwater world, we all headed to the wharf and then back to the office. The staff of Wind and Wave Davao had been very generous enough and offered us some coffee to keep us warm. After staying for a few minutes, we all headed back to Davao City and were all thankful to the unbelievable feeling of peace that we just had experienced.

Getting There

From Davao City, take a jeep or bus or cab to Sta. Ana Wharf. The wharf can be found near the Magsaysay Park. From the wharf, a boat will then take you to the dive site.


Exclusive Dive 101 Package – P1,150.00/pax


  • Scuba Diving Gears (Wet suits not included in this package)
  • Dive Guides
  • Boat (Big enough to accommodate 20pax, with sink, CR, and View Deck)
  • Wind and Wave Davao Souvenir T-Shirt
  • Packed Lunch
  • Copy of photos of the activity

Inside the boat Free Fruits Diving Gears and Equipments
Boat's Sink Stairs View Deck

Contact Details

For inquiries and reservations you may contact Wind and Wave Davao directly at:

Company Mobile No: (+63 905) 330-5045
Landline No: (+63 82) 305-3483 / (+63 82) 300-3483 / (+63 82) 300-7914
E-mail Addresses: / /

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47 responses to “Diving at Marissa Reef in Samal Island, Davao

  1. comment-136
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Mi!

    Sensya na, di nako nakapagpaalam. Ginawa na kitang model kasi marami kang magagandang shots. Hehehe! Tara, balik tayo! Sama natin si Shuni! 😀

  2. comment-139
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Porener,

    Sabi nga nila, dapat daw ganun. Sa pool muna then sa dagat. Pero ayos na rin. At least nakapagtry kami ng diving kahit wala kaming mga licenses. Hehe! 😀

  3. comment-140

    going underneath, how deep was it? and how did you handle the “pressure” down there? i know there’s a thing called “equalization” to prevent damage to your ears but didn’t it scare you? i mean, i think that’s the scariest part of diving that’s why most dive sites really require certification as it’s really dangerous down there. =-O

  4. comment-141
    Wayne Post author

    T’was almost 20 to 30 feet deep. Before we got into the water, our dive master briefed us about some techniques on how to handle the pressue below. It was really super scary at first and it was really hard to go to the bottom, but after a few tries, we’re so glad we made it. 😀

  5. comment-142

    thank you replying right away. this is an awesome entry and “Mimi” is cute too. (L)

  6. comment-143
    Wayne Post author

    You’re very much welcome Porener. And thanks for visiting our site. Yeah, Mimi is really cute and very beautiful. 😀 (Kaya nga sya ang napili kong model para sa entry namin na ito. Hehe!)

  7. comment-145
    Wayne Post author

    Tere? Tess?

    Aba, at naligaw ka ata? Yup, merong kasamang free souvenir T-shirt yung package. Balik na lang ulit kayo ng Davao. 🙂

  8. comment-149

    @wayne: hahaha kailangan ata ng mahabahabang persuasion si suni bago siya makapagdive…o di kaya tulak nlng natin siya bigla. hehehe =P sama eh noh. kung nababasa man to ni suni…@suni: joke lang yung itutulak kita. 😉 waaaa! miss ko na Davao!

    @porener: naks naman! salamats! 😀

  9. comment-151
    Wayne Post author

    Mi: Kitams, nagka-fan ka dahil sa website namin. Hehe! 😛 So ikaw na lagi ang gagawin kong model sa lahat ng trips na kasama kita. At parang gusto ko yang idea mo na itulak si Shuni. At least wala ng ligtas. 😛 Miss ko na din ang Davao! Miss ko na ang Penong’s!!! Waaaaaa!!!

    Shuni: Joke lang, alam mo naman na labs na labs ka namin. 😀

  10. comment-155
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Z,

    Itchy feet! Sayang naman. You should have tried it. Super enjoy. Yun lang super nakakatakot rin. Hehe! It’s never too late, you can still go back to Davao and try diving or snorkeling. Thanks for dropping by! 😀

  11. comment-156


    Now I know who to pester when I plan a weekend getaway! LOL. I don have itchy feet. Unfortunately, the budget somehow makes the itch go away… he he he!

    Will be coming back for more.


    PS. I read the about page, can you send me the links of your personal blogs. I just want to take a peek. You can send them via my contact me in my blog if it isn’t too much of a trouble.

  12. comment-157
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Z,

    Sure! We’d love to help you on that. And I agree, 100%! Bugdet is really one BIG factor when traveling. Argh! (Buti na lang napag-iipunan, kaya nakakagala kahit paminsan-minsan!) 😀

    Thanks a bunch in advance. Sana nga bumalik-balik ka dito. You’re always welcome here.

    RE: Our personal blogs, hmmm, they’re really not that “personal.” They are actually just another blogs that we also maintain. 😀

  13. comment-164

    Wayne, you mean sa 1,500/pax na dive package included na itong underwater pics? They have an official photographer? Ano po yan naka-CD? ASTIG naman ito. 😀

  14. comment-166
    Wayne Post author

    Chewi: Hindi naman mare. Affordable naman sya kaya nakapag-try pa kami. Hehehe! 😛

    Crystal: Sa P1,150/pax na dive package, kasama na rin yung underwater pics. Yung dive master, sya na rin ung photographer. Haha! Based on their website, ang naka-specify is may kasama ng pics and videos ng diving activities ninyo then kinocompile na nila yun sa isang CD. Kaso during our time, parang nasira yata ung underwater camera nila. So ibang camera yung ginamit nila sa amin and medyo panget yung mga shots nila nun. Good thing, may dalang underwater cam yung isang kasama ko kaya we had better pictures. 😀

  15. comment-175

    waahhh.. ang astig.. scary naman… pero gusto ko itry, pede ba ako sumama sa lakad niyo next time? kahit tagabitbit lang ng gamit niyo? hahahah

  16. comment-180
    Wayne Post author

    Hahaha! Try lang ng try. Super enjoy naman eh. 😀

    Sure, gusto mong sumama? Usually naman kasi, kami lang din ni Icey ang gumagala. Mahirap kasing magyaya ng iba kasi palagi silang busy kaya hindi sila nakakasama. 🙁

  17. comment-291

    sa mga gusto mag try nito, isa lang mapapayo ko :). Drink a lot of water, save it, save your saliva :). Enjoy diving sa gusto mag-try, UP UP DOWN DOWN DOWN lang naman yan 🙂

    If you visit davao, it has to be at least 2-4 days to enjoy all the thing this city has to offer. Just visiting Eden Nature park will took you whole day, to/from Camp Sambros is 6 hours travel by private car, Pearl Farm is at least 40 mins to travel by boat one way.

  18. comment-297
    Wayne Post author

    rdthedeveloper: Oo nga, kaso medyo mahirap yung part na pababa kasi masakit sa tenga yung pressure. Hahahaha! We stayed in Davao for 4 days. Pero parang hindi pa rin namin napuntahan lahat. Hindi na nga rin kami nakapunta ng Eden Nature Park kasi wala ng time. Sayang. 🙁

  19. comment-379

    🙁 hindi kami nakapunta sa marissa reef ah?! we went to davao last nov 2008, sa pearl farm kami nagdive.. unfortunately, wala kami masyadong nakita sa ilalim, maambon kasi 🙁 pero, super sayang experience, first time kasi! haha!

  20. comment-387
    Wayne Post author

    Hey Freda, malapit rin sa Pearl Farm yung Marissa Reef. Baka dun din kayo nag-dive? Hindi kaya? Cloudy din nung nagdive kami and umuulan nung bandang hapon. Pero kahit papano naman eh may mga nakita naman kaming mga isda and corals sa ilalim. Hehehe! 😀

  21. comment-404

    hi wayne! ay, hindi ko maremember kung dun nga kami.. wala kasi kong pakialam that time kung san kami pupunta, masyado akong focus sa pagpractice huminga! hahahaha! baka nga dun din yun.. madilim ung ilalim eh! hehehe!

  22. comment-417
    Wayne Post author

    Hahahahaha! Ang kulit. Kami rin tensed na tensed nun, akala namin mamamatay kami sa ilalim eh. Hahaha! Baka same lang yung napuntahan natin, or baka same area pero ibang spot mismo. Hehehe! 😀

  23. comment-422

    icey,ohh your from paranaque oh i c..hope to be one of ur friends..i hope u can visit davao..i will tour you to the whole from davao kasi.. 😉

  24. comment-424

    wayne,kumain din pla keu sa penongs malapit lang yan sa peoples park dba..ang may ari nyan bf ng sister koh sana balik keu davao i will treat u..jejjeej joke akoh nlang tourguide nyo.. 😛

  25. comment-429
    Wayne Post author

    Euriks: Yup, we ate at Penong’s!!! Sobrang sarap! Naka-apat na rice ako nun dun. Hahaha! Really? Astig naman! Sige, sana di muna magbreak yung sis mo at yung bf nya. Para makalibre kami sa Penong’s. Hahaha! 😛

  26. comment-464
    Wayne Post author

    Euriks: Ganun ba? Sayang naman. Hehe! Gusto ko rin sana silang i-feature dito, kaso hindi ako masyadong nakapagpicture sa Penong’s kaya baka wala akong mailagay. Next time na lang pag bumalik ulit ako sa kanila. Hehe! 😀

  27. comment-728

    Really love the pics! Hindi ko alam may ganitong activity pala sa Davao. I’ve been there last February… taga Davao kc ang mom ko! Everytime I’m there we always went to the same places kaya medyo boring na for me. We went to Samal before pero ang napuntahan ko lang is Paradise Island Resort, Hagimit Falls, and a secluded beach in Kaputian (I dont know the name). I’ll try the diving course next year… para maiba naman (kahit hindi ako marunong lumangoy) 😀 hehehe Thanks for the idea…

  28. comment-734
    Wayne Post author

    Hey Mitch! Kahit ako hindi ko rin alam na may ganitong activity sa Davao. Usually kasi diba, before one can dive, dapat may license. Pero in this case, hindi required na may license so we were able to try diving. Kahit hindi ka marunong lumangoy, ok lang naman. Next na balik mo sa Davao, try mo yan ha? Enjoy! 😀

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