Coron, Palawan: Philippines’ Untouched Beauty

Coron, Palawan: Philippines’ Untouched Beauty

Last July 2008, while I was browsing the Asian Spirit’s (now known as Zest Airways) website and was searching for flights bound to Batanes, I stumbled upon some great photos of a new, unknown-to-me destination in the Philippines, Busuanga.

I tried to Google it and was truly fascinated with what I found – loads of stunning snapshots of Busuanga and Coron in Palawan. I told myself, this really is a must-see place so I immediately added it on my list of dream destinations in the Philippines.

When boyfie told me that he will be having a one month vacation in the Philippines, I hurriedly looked up on Cebu Pacific’s website and booked flights (scheduled November 2008) for 2 pax bound to Busuanga (the nearest airport to Coron Island) from Manila and vice versa which costs P1,983.21 each.

Coron is a beautiful town located in the province of Palawan that has a population of 32,243 people in 6,264 households based on the 2000 census. Coron is a part of the Calamian Group of Islands in the northern Palawan which has also been listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine’s top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world for the aquatic views of the sunken Japanese shipwrecks from World War II that can be found within the island.

We scheduled our Coron Island hopping activities on the second day of our stay on the island. We were able to hire a boat for P1,300.00 good for 2 pax. Here are the islands that we were able to visit and see around Coron:

Coron Youth Club (CYC) Beach

Approaching CYC Beach CYC Beach Mangroves at CYC Beach

CYC Beach is the only public beach that is free within the Coron Island Loop. It has pure white sands, clear and shallow water which is very much ideal for swimming. There are also some old picnic huts within the island where tourists may stay and eat. Natural mangroves are also abundant within the area – another nice subject for photo enthusiast.

Skeleton Wreck

Skeleton Wreck Our boat docked at Skeleton Wreck Coral Reefs and Sea Urchins at Skeleton Wreck
Snorkeling at Skeleton Wreck Crystal Clear Water at Skeleton Wreck Corals at Skeleton Wreck

Fee: P100.00

This is a tiny little wreck located on the northwest corner of Coron Island which is ideal for diving and snorkeling. You can see here a sunken ship that sits on a pretty reef. The wreck got its name from the fact that the keel, ribs and stringers of the boat are the only thing that’s left, giving a skeletal appearance. The water around it is so clear that you can actually see the beautiful corals and reef at the bottom. Beware: There are lots of sea urchins within the area so it is recommended to wear aqua shoes while snorkeling. Like CYC Beach, this also makes a good spot to have lunch.

Twin Lagoon

Twin Lagoon Opening Bigger View of the Opening at Twin Lagoon The Hole

Twin Lagoon is called as such since these lagoons are separated by limestone cliffs that have an opening where tourists can pass to get to the other lagoon. This narrow opening has jagged edges of the limestone cliffs and is visible only during low tide. During high tide, one should take a deep swim underneath in order to get into the other lagoon as this passageway is covered with water. These lagoons are surrounded by towering rocks with crystal clear and emerald green water.

Barracuda Lake

Approaching Barracuda Lake Way to Barracuda Lake Sharp Limestone Cliffs at Barracuda Lake
Barracuda Lake Clear Water at Barracuda Lake Wayne floating around Barracuda Lake

Fee: P75.00

Dubbed as “the craziest dive site in the Philippines,” Barracuda Lake is located at the north end of Coron Island. It has been named Barracuda Lake because a skeleton of a big barracuda was found in this lake. Before reaching the lake, one must do a 10 to 15-minute climb up and down the sharp lime stone cliffs. The scenery around this lake is also spectacular.

Kayangan Lake

The Cave at Kayangan Lake Postcard Shot of Kayangan Lake Trail to Kayangan Lake
Kayangan Lake Rocks and Fishes in Kayangan Lake Fishes in Kayangan Lake
Rock Formations in Kayangan Lake Clear Water at Kayangan Lake Swimming around Kayangan Lake

Fee: P200.00

Kayangan Lake is said to be the clearest and cleanest lake in the Philippines. Before approaching the lake itself, one must climb up and down a mountain trail. Halfway up the mountain trail, there is a cave and just in front of it is this certain spot where you can see the most photographed scene in Coron. The turquoise water in this lake is a bit cold and the view here is simply stunning and amazing.

Siete Pecados

Coral Reefs and Fishes in Siete Pecados Wayne Snorkeling at Siete Pecados Loads of fishes at Siete Pecados
See that big fish? Big fishes in Siete Pecados Fishes in action

Fee: P100.00

Siete Pecados has been named after the seven (7) islets surrounding this abundant coral reef and is located to the east beyond the lighthouse in Coron town. This has been considered to be one of the greatest snorkeling spots in Coron. Here you can see amazing coral reefs and great variety of colourful fishes underneath. This area has been protected from fishermen and there is a caretaker around the area.

Maquinit Hot Springs

Grotto at Maquinit Hot Springs Maquinit Hot Springs Maquinit Hot Spring Bridge

Fee: P100.00

Our last and final stop for the day was the Maquinit Hot Springs. This is the only known hot spring in the Philippines that produces a 40-degree Celsius salt water instead of fresh water. The therapeutic water in these hot springs will surely relax and soothe your tired body after a long, strenuous day.

I can still recall how my friends and colleagues had been so skeptical before about my plans of going to Coron and Busuanga. I’ve heard different comments, unlikely remarks and a whole lot more. So, who’s to blame now? 😛

Getting There

By Air, the following airlines fly to Busuanga from Manila and vice versa:

Cebu Pacific (CEB)
Tel. No: (+63 2) 702-0888 (Manila Office) / (+63 32) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)

Philippine Airlines (PAL)
Tel. No: (+63 2) 855-8888

Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR)
Tel. No: (+63 2) 849-0100

Zest Airways (formerly Asian Spirit)
Tel. No: (+63 2) 888-2003

From Busuanga Airport, there are 12-seater A/C vans available that transport tourists to Coron town proper at P150.00 per person or P1,500.00 per van. It is best to confirm and arrange these airport transfers with your hotel accommodation.

By Sea, SuperFerry sails once a week from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron and vice versa. The ferry leaves Manila around 4.15 p.m. every Friday and arrives in Coron early Saturday morning around 5.30 a.m. For the return trip to Manila, the ferry usually leaves on Sunday night around 10.00 p.m. and arrives in Manila Monday morning around 10.00 a.m.

Tel. No: (+63 2) 528-7000


June, July and August are considered to be the wettest months in Coron where you can expect rains because of the habagat (southwest monsoon.) September and October are transition months wherein the amounts of rain are gradually decreasing. The best weather in Coron may start as early as October and may continue until March. December, January and February may be considered to be the coolest months due to the amihan (northeast monsoon) while the months of March, April and May can be hotter than the other months.


Tricycles are available around Coron town at P8.00 per person per ride. There are also motorcycles around the island available that you may hire which costs P500.00 plus gas to fill the tank.


For tours around Coron and Busuanga, you may contact Ted of Coron Castaway at

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86 responses to “Coron, Palawan: Philippines’ Untouched Beauty

  1. comment-33

    Coron is such a beautiful place. I hope someday I can also get to see this. Thanks for sharing! (Y)

  2. comment-44

    hands up!!! CORON is a Beautiful place to visit!! i love everything in Coron… 5days in Coron is not enough!! haha… we’ll be back in Coron and stay for more than 5days! haha… (Y)

  3. comment-73
    Wayne Post author

    Thanks everyone. Yup, Coron is such a great place. Our country is so blessed to have this wonderful island. I hope you guys will also get to see and experience the beauty of Coron. :o)

  4. comment-74

    @Pauleen, @clarence: yes it really is. I hope you can also share with us your experience when you visit Coron 😀

    @Jeanna, @chewi, @clint: thanks for dropping by!

    @Nomadic Pinoy, I read your blog, are you still in New York?

  5. comment-146

    will be in coron by august, where/whom can we ask for day tours? got any contacts there? O-)

  6. comment-158
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Pupuy,

    I personally would not want to recommend our “bangkero” with you since I’ve already heard some negative feedbacks about him. Not sure though how it happened as he has been so good to us during our stay in Coron. I tried recommending him to one of my friends but my friend just got very disappointed with him.

    For the island tours and boat rentals, you may contact Ted of Coron Castaway. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews and feedbacks about him. Can you send me your email address so I can forward Ted’s contact number. (Btw, I would still need to ask for his permission on this.) Thanks! 😀

  7. comment-161


    do you have any contacts with a bangkero? would really appreciate it coz we’re planning a trip to coron by 1st week of August. thanks

  8. comment-163
    Wayne Post author

    Pupuy and Rich: I would now refer you to gurangna since he knows a lot of bangkeros in Coron. He can help and assist you on your Coron itineraries and island tours. 😀 You may contact him at

    Gurangna: Hi Ted, thanks for that and thank you also for dropping by our site. More power to you too. 🙂

  9. comment-187

    waaahhh… kahit ndi ako marunong lumangoy, pupuntahan ko talaga to.
    para pag nag ka apo ako, (este may apo na pala ako sa pamangkin)
    sasabihin ko sa kanya, ang lola mo nakarating dyan. bwahahaha…
    yey I’m so excited…. (L)

  10. comment-190
    Wayne Post author

    Shea: May mga life jackets naman na pinoprovide ung mga bangkero kaya carry pa rin kahit hindi ka marunong lumangoy. So, go lang ng go! Excited na rin kami for you. Kelan ba trip nyo? 😀

  11. comment-196

    Baket di pinakita face ni Bruce? 🙁
    Never knew you have something like this… GALENG!!!
    Putsa kahet 3 years and a half mo ko paupuin sa isang corner, di ako makakagawa ng ganito, HONEST!
    I will visit everyday, pero dapat pagnagtour ako post mo din pics ko, ha? ha? Nakaharap ha? ha? Yung kita yung mukha ha? ha?
    Nice one Wayne. 😉

  12. comment-199
    Wayne Post author

    Hahahaha! Thanks for the visit Teyey! Matagal-tagal rin namin tong ginawa ng partner kong si Icey. It’s nice to know na finally may mga nakaka-appreciate na ng site namin. 😀

    Sinadya ko talagang hindi pinakita ang face ni Bruce. Baka maagaw eh. Mahirap na. Mabuti na yung sigurado. Haha! 😛

    Sure, po-post ko rin mga pics mo pag nag-tour ka. Pero dapat isama mo kami ni Bruce ha? 😀

  13. comment-328

    Our flight (Manila-Busuanga) last Thursday got cancelled due to bad weather. We went back to the airport the next day, waited for 2 hours and still, the flight got cancelled again. Unfortunately, we cannot reschedule this trip as our vacation leaves are limited. 🙁 We called Coron Village Lodge and they’re kind enough to issue us a refund.

  14. comment-335
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Aimee,

    Too bad. So hindi nyo na tinuloy yung trip nyo? Sayang naman, 2 days din yung nawala sa inyo. 🙁 Try nyo na lang ulit next time, then kung kaya, habaan nyo yung number of days ninyo dun para in case umulan, may mga extra days pa na available. Balitaan mo kami pag natuloy kana ha? 😀

  15. comment-445

    thanks for visiting my blog site 😀

    (Y) this really is a wonderful post! surely helped me a lot in planning our Coron trip itinerary.

    keep them coming!

  16. comment-447
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Divine_G,

    Thanks for droppin’ by din. Sana nga makatulong ito sa itinerary mo. Enjoy your trip to Coron! 😀

  17. comment-467

    your pics are soooo nice! for me, coron is the most beautiful place in the Philippines! the best talaga! 🙂

  18. comment-470
    Wayne Post author

    Hi KG! Thanks! I agree, actually isa sya sa magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas. I know marami pang magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas. Though they are still yet to be discovered. Thanks for droppin’ by! 😀

  19. comment-534

    hi wayne. gala talaga ako. travelling makes me sane. haha. tara balik tayo sa coron. been there 2 years ago for 5 days, spent one night @ malcapuya island, ‘di ko nakita sa pics nyo, guess u missed it. taragis. coron – also a must see paradise. taragis, ang ganda ng Pilipinas.

  20. comment-535
    Wayne Post author

    Leoj: Gusto ko talagang bumalik dun. I didn’t see Malcapuya and Banana Islands. 🙁 Marami rin akong namissed puntahan na islands nun dun. We stayed there for 6days. Pero iilan lang yung napuntahan namin. Pano soooobrang tamad nung kasama ko. Hehehe! Ayaw mag-island hopping. Kaya ayun. Yan lang tuloy nakita namin. 🙁 Anyway, there’s always a second chance pa naman eh. Malay natin! Hehehe! 😀

  21. comment-541

    ahahah… panakaw lang ng info d2 sa site na toh ah?… hmmmnnn ngaung xmas pupunta kmi jan… maganda tambayan ko jan… hehehe tapyas… O-)

  22. comment-542
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Patotot, sige lang. 😀 Wikipedia rin naman ang reference namin dito. 😀 Enjoy your trip this Christmas. 😀

  23. comment-718

    we just went to Coron last week and it was the best place I’ve been to. I highly recommend visiting Banana and Malcapuya Islands, which are just beside each other. Reserve one day for this tour as the boat ride is around 40 minutes, but they are spectacular! Banana Island is perfect for snorkeling (water is deep a few meters from the beach) and you can even rent cottages there to stay overnight. Malcapuya Island has a long stretch of shallow beach perfect for swimming.

    I also recommend our tourguide/boatmen as they are very honest, hospitable and advise us against tourist traps. The boatman even went as far as almost getting into a brawl coz the native was overcharging us for an entrance fee! They provided full tricycle service without any additional charges. The food they provided for the tour was excellent as well (sulit na sulit) e.g. for our lunch we had steamed crabs, inihaw na manok, inihaw na unicorn fish (super sarap. second to pink salmon for me), pinakbet and aruset with kamatis. You can contact the guide Aling Normita at 09214920348

  24. comment-719
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Bagus,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in Coron. You are actually very lucky for having a great and honest guide. It’s a bit hard to find someone like that now. Before, I have read different stories and complaints about these and it was truly disappointing. ;-(

  25. comment-811

    hello :o) me, my husband and 3 kids (ages 13,12 and 10) are planning to go to coron on november. is the steep, rocky climb to twin lagoon, cayangan and barracuda lake too risky for kids? is it safe? hope to hear from you soon :o) tnx!

  26. comment-814
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Lulette!

    Twin lagoon and Kayangan lake may be safe for your kids. But the climb to Barracuda lake is a bit difficult since there are sharp lime stone cliffs around it. I am not sure though, but I’ve read somewhere else that it is now easier to climb Barracuda lake since they have already placed some wood railings around it which you could hold onto. Just be very careful and enjoy. 😀

  27. comment-923
    Stuart Sherwood

    Just went to Barracuda Lake today and Kayangan again; there are now wooden steps into Barracuda Lake which are a big improvement on clambering up the sharp limestone outcrops. Both are still truly amazing and both are well worth the trouble to visit; if possible on separate days I would suggest. The salt content in Barracuda is slightly higher than Kayangan which I think is about 70% fresh water. Awesome place and Coron is a great advert to how clean the rest of the Philippines could become.

  28. comment-928
    Wayne Post author

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to Coron, Stuart. Hope you can come back again to those beautiful places in the Philippines. 🙂

  29. comment-933

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eto pala sinasabi ni ate yey! good job!

    Punta ko dito next month…i’m really looking forward to an experience of a lifetime! =)

  30. comment-934

    Coron is a marvelous place.Its one of a kind.Malcapuya beach is a very wonderful beach.very clear water and superfine sand.The kayangan lake,twin lake are so clean that you can clearly see the light from the sun illuminating the water deep down below as if your watching a sci-fi movie.One must visit coron.Its money’s worth.

  31. comment-935

    I’ve been to different parts of the country.Coron is incomparable.breathtaking beaches and’re like in an aquarium swimming with the school of fish.You will be amazed by the view of the limestones while you reached your site destination.Its also one of a kind experience crossing the opening of the twin lake.Unlike going abroad where they offer you man made beautiful spots, coron is nature enriched and one of a kind.

  32. comment-937
    Wayne Post author

    Jill!!! Really? Sino kasama mo??? Si boyfie? 😀 I’m sure mag-eenjoy ka rin! Wag lang sanang uulan. Hehehehe! 😀

    Maribel and Inday: Exactly! Now, I’m missin’ Coron… 🙁

  33. comment-955

    Me and my friends are going to Coron next Friday and will be staying at Coron Villa Lodge too. We’ll stay there for 3D2N only. What places would you recommend aside from the ones mentioned above?

    Also, what about the night life there?

  34. comment-956
    Wayne Post author

    Massey: You may also visit Mt. Tapyas, Banana and Malcapuya Islands. I think that would fit your 3D2N stay in Coron. With regards to night life, I think there are some restos/bars in the town proper. But I can’t give the details as we were not able to try it.

  35. comment-963

    :-(|) madami kami! sana nga no rain..bukas n pala punta ko..excited checkin out images. :-(|)

  36. comment-978

    😎 Ever since 1998 we were planning to go there but never happened. Your article has reminded me again this is one place we should visit. Nice article. Thanks for sharing your travel.

  37. comment-1005
    Abigail T.

    Our bangkeros and the rest of the boat staffs were very nice ,friendly and trustworthy. However , we wish they cld have given us some infos of the places we saw, passed by and went to. They gave us a wrong price for some of the islands that is why we opted not to go. There were also no info of the shipwreck that we visited. We were left wondering which japanese ship it was. It is not their fault but somebody has to do something about it for the sake of the tourism industry in Coron not only of the tourists….yun na lang ang kulang, otherwise, twas perfect!!!

  38. comment-1019
    Wayne Post author

    Abi: Hmm, di kaya bago lang yung tour guide ninyo? We were lucky pa pala na alam nung tour guide namin yung mga pinupuntahan namin. Hehehehe!

    Lenore: Are you referring to Twin Lagoon?

  39. comment-1059

    hi! i was wondering what kind of camera did you use? we’re planning to go to coron later this year and actually preparing for the trip. i have a cam but it’s not underwater cam. were all your pictures taken by a waterproof camera? also, i would like to ask din kung meron ba kayong contacts for the boats, medyo madami kasi kami and we’re on a very tight budget. also, can the boatman prepare the foods for us? meron kasi akong nababasa na they do the marketing then the boatman do the cooking. kindly advise. thanks so much.

  40. comment-1060
    Wayne Post author

    Hi Ellen,

    I used my Canon EOS 40D and just covered it with a Dicapac waterproof case. You may buy underwater case for your camera instead of buying a new underwater cam. (Medyo risky nga lang.)

    With regards to the boatman, yup, meron, kaso ayoko na syang irecommend kasi may bad experiences sa kanya yung ibang friends ko. Actually marami namang boatman sa may port/pier (kung anu mang ang tawag dun) then pwede kayong makipag-haggle sa kanila.

    With regards to your foods, yup, that can be. Ganyan din actually yung ginawa namin nun. Pero ang ginawa namin nun is namili kami sa market the day before our trip then inuwi ng boatman namin yung mga pinamalengke namin and then the next day, luto na lahat ng foods namin tapos may dala na rin silang utensils. 😀

  41. comment-1115

    hey… we are 4 pips going to coron… any tour guide i can contact? and any cheap but nice hotel we can stay in coron. and anyone can pick up us in airport? or anyone service namin for our stay. will be there in sept 22 to 24. Thanks

  42. comment-1133

    Hi Wayne!

    Where can I buy the Dicapac waterproof case? Is it compatible with any digicam? Magkano kaya? I really want to have good underwater shots but I can’t afford to buy an underwater cam.
    I’m going to Bohol next month and then Coron early next year… and then in Tinuy-An (Bislig) maybe mid-2011… Sinusundan ko tours mo… :o) hehehe

  43. comment-1136

    hi pasyalera!nice one!punta kami sa coron mid september.wish ko lang walang bagyo by much is the boat rental?can’t wait to see coron!!! Thanks! 😀

  44. comment-1148
    Wayne Post author

    BEN: Sorry, super late reply kami. Nakahanap ka na? 🙁

    MITCH: Wow, nice naman! Hehehehehe! Di na nga kami nakakalabas lately. Super busy kasi. Anyway, nabili ko yung Dicapac ko sa DP Online ata yun. Nasa may Pasong Tamo yung store nila. Alam ko maraming models yung Dicapac depending sa type ng cam mo. Ask ka na lang sa kanila kung merong specific model para sa Digicam mo. 😀

    MAJADERA: Hmm, mura pa yung boat rental namin dati. Baka iba na yung price ngayon. Hehehe! Ilang pax ba kayo? 😀

  45. comment-1156
    Callie Kridel

    I possibly would not have contemplated this was beneficial two or 3 years back, yet it is fascinating how age evolves the way you respond to things, thanks for the blog post it truly is great to discover anything smart here and there as opposed to the regular rubbish disguised as blogs and forums over the web. Regards

  46. comment-1158
    vilma a. valdez

    Hello po, our group from Northern La Union Maternity & Childrens Hospital,. Balaoan, La Union plans to vist Coron, Palaoan this Oct. 22-24, 2010. This will be our first trip there, could you please provide us list of cheap hotels for us to stay & package tours as our reference to select. By the way we are a group of 8 persons, We appreciate you so much if you could help us for we want our stay there memorable. Thank you & will look forward for your immediate respond on this matter.

  47. comment-1160

    hello, punta ako ng coron ngayong week na to. i would like to ask if how much it will cost me to go to the safari park? thank you.

  48. comment-1164
    Wayne Post author

    Zaldy: Sure, no problem. 😉

    Callie: Thanks a bunch! (Y)

    Vilma: Sorry for the super late response. I’ve heard that there are lots of new hotels in Coron right now. We were there 2 years ago and we’re only able to stay in Coron Village Lodge. Try searching for some reviews about Darayonan, Majika’s Island Resort, Princess of Coron, Sea Dive, Mt. Tapyas Hotel and other hotels.

    Margarette: We have a separate post about Calauit Safari Park here:


  49. comment-1205
    Arnold Rivera

    hello po,

    pupunta kami ng coron sa May 16 to 19..
    nag avail kami ng tour package sa isang travel agency sa coron..
    medyo mahal nga lang

  50. comment-1224
    lynette pascual

    my husband and i went to coron last march 28 for our wedding anniversary. coron is unspoiled, beautiful with so many places to see. i hope the people will preserve the beauty of the place.

  51. comment-1231

    hi, has anyone been to coron mid-august? we got a deal and booked mid-august. how was the weather?

  52. comment-1347

    Magkano po kaya magagastos if 5 days mag-i-stay sa Coron, 3 days islandhoppping?? kasama po fares?? Thanks! 🙂

  53. comment-1432

    Let me guys help you on how to get an organized Coron Tour Package Adventure. Simply contact Ms. Ezel Perez of Sea Farers Tours Coron @ 09194617707. You can rely on her because she’s a licensed tour operator/tour guide. We really enjoyed our stay in Coron.

  54. comment-1458
    Helen Apigo

    I considered Coron as the best place in Palawan, I’ve been to Sabang (Undergound River) then to El Nido but i was soooo mismirrised by the beauty of Coron… still wanting to go back their again with my whole family…

  55. comment-1481

    hi! will be visiting coron this February.. just wanna ask where we could get affordable lodging or hotels there?

  56. comment-5247

    I have not checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend bebcgeggeddc

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