Cebu Pacific offers 50% off seat sale for T3 anniversary

Cebu Pacific offers 50% off seat sale for T3 anniversary

In celebration of Cebu Pacific’s (CEB) first anniversary of operations in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (T3) tomorrow, July 22, 2009, they are offering a 50% off seat sale on all domestic and international flights from July 22 to 24, 2009 and is valid for travel from September 1 to November 30, 2009.

Cebu Pacific - 50% off Seat Sale July 2009 Cebu Pacific - 50% off Seat Sale July 2009 Cebu Pacific - 50% off Seat Sale July 2009

Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific’s VP for Marketing and Distribution, in a statement said:

“CEB’s move to T3 has allowed the airline to grow continuously despite current global market conditions. Now, not only do we provide our passengers with the lowest fares, newest planes, most flights and destinations; we also operate from a world class airport.

Our first anniversary in T3 underscores the solid partnership between CEB and the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). The MIAA’s support has been instrumental in CEB’s expansion.”

For bookings and reservations, please log on to or call CEB’s reservation hotlines at (+63 2) 70-20-888 and (+63 32) 230-88-88.

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8 responses to “Cebu Pacific offers 50% off seat sale for T3 anniversary

  1. comment-279

    Uyyy, ang sarap naman nyan. Sayang, kung may pera lang sana ako. 🙁

    Sana pag nagpromo ulit ang Cebu Pac, may pera nako. Haha! O-)

  2. comment-281

    this is false advertising, disguise as promo, very clever marketing strategy

    Cebu Pacific offer 50% off as per T3 Anniversary but they raised the listed prices into 2k-3k for one way MLA-DVO. They offer discounts but take advantage of early bird strategy so you can raise the listed prices and just claim there were just too many bookings and seats were limited. The result was the same, save few hundred, or some even expensive.

    Also, they did not disclose that these are only applicable to limited Class. In the promo code form before you book, this is shown:

    “Promo code: T3
    The 50% off is only applicable to the following booking classes: G, W, V, C, D and E. Please enter the code in the Promo Code field to avail of the 50% off and click “Submit”.

    AND WTH are classes G W V C D and E? They should have at least place some legends there diba.

    In the end, i can still save at least 200 pesos compare to other airlines, it was 1300+ for MLA-DVO. BUT obvsiouly it is not 50% OFF of the prevailing prices as compare of other airlines.

  3. comment-282

    @Cindy: Sige abang abang ka lang dyan, magkakaron ulit yan. 😀

    @The Lady in Green Ruffles: Meron na ring promo ang PAL! 🙂

    @rdthedeveloper: Oooh, we didn’t know about that. Honestly, we don’t have any idea on how these airline companies make money with these kind of promos but we’re pretty sure that they still earn from it. So can we assume that almost all of these promos from different airlines are merely false advertising? Can you explain further so we can understand it too.

    Btw, thanks for the info anyway. 😀

  4. comment-284

    Hi Icey! Oo nga eh, mag-aabang na lang ako ng mag-aabang dito. Sana matyempuhan na may pera nako. Haha! 😀

  5. comment-320

    missgiftsphilippines: Yup! Not only to those who would like to go back and forth from davao to manila but also for those who would like to go other destinations. 🙂

    Kaso tapos na yung promo. Hehe! 😀

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