Batanes Handicrafts, Souvenirs and Delicacies

Batanes Handicrafts, Souvenirs and Delicacies

Our trip to Batanes will never be complete without taking home a piece of the paradise up North. While we were strolling along a road in Basco, we found a shop that sells Batanes handicrafts, souvenirs and delicacies. The store has all sorts of handicrafts and souvenir items such as hats, baskets, bags, and coin purse made of rattan, keychains, ref magnets, postcards, greeting cards and souvenir T-shirts. Aside from these items, our attention was also caught by these cute souvenirs that are replicas of what you will most likely see in the island – stone houses and Ivatans.

A Stone House, an Ivatan Girl and an Ivatan Boy Statuettes

Here are some pictures of the different handicrafts, souvenirs and delicacies in Batanes:

Ivatan Stone House Replica Ivatan Boy Statuette - Souvenir from Batanes Ivatan Girl Statuette - Souvenir from Batanes
"I love Batanes" Keychain Turtle Keychain from Batanes (given to me by Al) More keychains from Batanes
Hand Painted Ref Magnets from Batanes Rattan Coin Purse from Batanes Tawsen Agri-Ventures - Souvenir Shop in Batanes
Handicrafts and Delicacies in Batanes Rattan Hats in Batanes Rattan Hats and Vakul in Batanes

Other delicacies that can also be found in Batanes are bucayo (coconut delicacy,) sweet camote chips and sugar coated peanuts which are really very delicious.

These little souvenirs, keepsakes, and mementos that we got from the island will surely remind us of the wonderful moments that we have shared in Batanes.

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16 responses to “Batanes Handicrafts, Souvenirs and Delicacies

  1. comment-223

    Batanes is my husband’s place. I’ve been there and will always be there for it is so relaxing and perfect for a needed break. Nice pictures (Y)

  2. comment-1009
    Wayne Post author

    Aira: Kung may budget lang sana eh! Pero for sure babalik talaga ako sa Batanes. Gusto ko dyan magpa-pre-nup eh! Hehehehe! 😀

    Sure, we’ll let you know pag babalik kami dyan. 🙂

  3. comment-1038

    your site is very useful! i am still waiting for the chance to visit Batanes. let’s help preserve Batanes and it’s culture! Here’s a reminder…

    A friendly reminder to those planning to visit Batanes – Tourists should never buy the Ivatan Vakul. It is made from endemic and endangered species of plant (Philippine Date Palm or Voyavoy) that grows only in tiny parts of Batanes. If tourists buy a vakul, that plant could become extinct and so will be that culture of Batanes and the country. Only Ivatans should own a vakul.

  4. comment-1061

    I am so falling in love with your website. there’s a lot of places to go to and can’t wait to go 🙂 but first, i’ll go to coron 🙂

  5. comment-1167

    re: vakul

    vakul making is a source of livelihood for some ivatans, vakul is one of the local product that has been promoted by local and national agencies in the province as novelty product that can be promoted. while it is true that it is an endemic (and endagered) plant, vakul makers only harvest the mature leaves hence the need for then to look after these plants for sustainable source of raw materials. the association of womens from sabtang which commercially produce vakul is being assisted by the local government unit, dept. of agrarian reform, NCIP, DTI etc.

  6. comment-1170

    hi wayne! i have never been to batanes but wanting to go there for quite some time now. is there any retreat/formation house located anywhere in batanes?

  7. comment-1193

    we are doing a web page in our TLE subject im focusing on a topic about ivatans. Do you allow to get some pictures and informations about ivatans here in your website?thanks and waiting for your permission.

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